Querencia Residents' Scholarship Fund for Employees

This fund was established by the residents at Querencia Barton Creek to offer scholarships to the employees of the community. Applicants must be current Querencia employee and have been employed for at least one year and at least half-time. Directors, officers and members of senior management are not eligible. Applicants must plan to attend an accredited institution offering post-secondary education or a specialized training program and demonstrate financial need. This opportunity is for the Summer 2023 semester. All applicants must complete the general application, as well as the supplemental questions specific to the Querencia Resident’s Scholarship for Employees. Please be sure to complete both applications to be considered for this opportunity.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please classify your application below.
  2. Have you worked as an employee of Querencia for at least 52 weeks continuously?
  3. Are you currently employed at Querencia?
  4. Have you worked an average of at least two shifts (15 hours) per week at Querencia during the 52 weeks prior to the date that you submit this application?
  5. Number of years employed by Querencia:
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