El Paso in Austin Network High School Scholarship

The purpose of the El Paso in Austin Network High School Scholarship is to encourage, recognize and reward young El Pasoans who aspire towards advancing their education in Austin, TX. The ideal candidate will demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, character and a solid academic standing. Through this award, the network proudly honors accomplished young men and women who symbolize the talents and efforts of hundreds of outstanding El Paso high school students.

About the network:
The El Paso in Austin Network was established in 2007 for the purpose of providing its members the opportunity to maintain a connection to the Sun City of El Paso. With a commitment to the pursuit of higher education, members of the El Paso in Austin Network established a high school scholarship to help support the educational goals of El Paso’s youth.

El Paso in Austin Network High School Scholarship
Supplemental Questions
  1. Name of high school currently attending
  2. Describe any existing conditions that are causing unusual financial expenditures for any dependents of the household income indicated on your general application.
  3. What are your career plans after college?
  4. Student's Employment Record (if no previous employment, please type N/A for each question below.)
    • 1. Name of Business
    • 2. Type of Work
    • 3. Approx. # Hours per Week
    • 4. Dates of Employment
  5. Scholastic Awards - If not applicable, please enter N/A for each blank below. (Award examples: Trustee, Honor Roll, History Award)
    • 1. Name of Award/Honor:
    • 2. Number of Years
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