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Welcome to Austin Community Foundation’s Scholarship Application Portal!

The Austin Community Foundation’s scholarship program provides additional opportunities to community members pursuing their educational goals. Since 1996, the Foundation has awarded $8.2 million in scholarships. Each year, we award approximately 300 scholarships totaling more than $600,000. A majority of our scholarships support students from Central Texas or students at local educational institutions. After completing the general application, each applicant is automatically matched to over 100 scholarship opportunities of which they qualify for. Some opportunities may ask you to answer additional questions.

Scholarship payments for the Fall semester will be sent on July 24, 2023

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$2,000.00 Rene Hernandez Scholarship
This scholarship was set up by Rene Hernandez honoring his education and...
$2,000.00 Sharad Sood Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of Sharad Sood. Sharad Sood...
$1,000.00 SHPE Austin Scholarship
The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Scholarship fund is...
$1,800.00 Susie Baird Memorial Scholarship
The Susie Baird Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Susie...
$1,000.00 The Kris and Kay Memorial Scholarship
The fund is established in memory and celebration of Kris Newsom and Kay...
$1,200.00 W. Charles Akins Scholarship
The W. Charles Akins Scholarship was established in honor of W. Charles...
$300.00 Westwood High School PTA Scholarship
The Westwood High School PTA Scholarship is available to a graduating...
$1,000.00 William "Pooh" Roberts Memorial Scholarship Fund
The William “Pooh” Roberts Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to...
$4,500.00 Zoe Zuniga-Prince Memorial Scholarship
The Zoe-Zuniga-Prince Memorial Scholarship was established by the...
$5,000.00 Aimee Melissa Davis Memorial Scholarship
The Aimee Melissa Davis Memorial Scholarship was established by family...
Varies UUMC - Travis HS Family & Friends Scholarship
The UUMC – Travis High School Family & Friends Scholarship Fund was...
$1,000.00 AISD Silverton Foundation Scholarship for Eastside Memorial High School
The purpose of the AISD Silverton Foundation Scholarship is to provide...
Varies Nick Reinhart Memorial Scholarship
The Nick Reinhart Memorial Scholarship is offered to the children of...
Varies Querencia Residents' Scholarship Fund for Employees
This fund was established by the residents at Querencia Barton Creek to...